sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

satanás y su Obra en el Tercer Mundo: Ayuda espiritual

biblias y miles de comentarios

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Bible League International
Satan is fighting for control of Africa
Dear Ministry Friend,

Did you know there is a famine of epic proportions raging in Africa that you will never hear about in the news? We have been given a tremendous opportunity, through a matching grant, to help put an end to it!
Double Your Impact: The First $10,000 in Donations Will Be Matched.
Give Bibles Today!
In one village in Uganda, demonic forces had control of a young woman named Christine. Christine was raised in her tribal tradition of paganism and witchcraft. No matter how hard she tried, Christine could never find happiness and peace. In the face of such demonic horror, where could she look for hope, help, love, and salvation?

The answer: God's Word -- the Holy Bible!

We are challenging you to give a special gift this month that will be matched to help Bible League International end this terrible Bible famine in Africa and change lives like Christine's.

This month's match is for the first $10,000 in donations - doubling your impact! It only takes $5 to provide a Bible, a gift of $25 will provide 5 Bibles and $50 means 10 Bibles! A generous gift of $100 works out to 20 Bibles being provided to children and adults starving for God's Word and eagerly waiting to receive them. Won't you meet this match challenge?

So many people across Africa are hungering for a Bible with no way to get one. You can easily change that for people like Christine. Help us end the Bible famine in Africa today with your matching gift!
Give Bibles Today
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